Our Exciting Lodge Activities

While at Elephant Hab Lodge, you will enjoy various exciting activities such as Boat Cruise, Bird Watching and Game drives. Queen Elizabeth National Park occupies an estimated 1,978 square kilometres. It is a home to 95 mammal species and over 500 species of birds.

tree climbing lion in Queen Elizabeth

Tree Climbing Lions

Visitors on a Uganda safari generally end up visiting the Ishasha region primarily to see the population of the resident  Tree Climbing Lions although they are also rewarded with views of other wildlife species.

The Ishasha Sector is actually today very famously because of its mystifying population of the tree-climbing lions that are a very exceptional attraction and as well one of the major highlights for which most guests visit this park. The Lions

Bird Watching

Uganda is among the most well-known bird watching destination in the whole of Africa. It has a diversity of bird species a number of which are not easily spotted in any other part of the African continent. As you take time to marvel at the spectacular birds, you will certainly come across a diversity of additional wildlife that will turn your bird watching safari into a very memorable encounter. The most ideal time to spot these birds is actually early in the morning as well as late in the evenings.

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game drives in Queen Elizabeth park uganda

Game Drives

This is among the most tourist activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park that involves the visitors to drive through the park while viewing animals. The Park has several spots of well maintained game viewing tracks.
This park has got over 200 kms of well maintained game tracks .The best time for game drives is in the morning hours where there are high chances of seeing elephants, buffaloes, lion and a variety of antelopes and other wildlife you can see

Boat Trip

The boat trip within Queen Elizabeth National Park is done on the impressive Kazinga Channel a 40 kilometer water long natural channel that links Lake Edward plus Lake George. This launch cruise may take anything from 2 – 5 hours to well explore the water and the wildlife along the shores of the Kazinga Channel.

Mweya, kazinga channel , Boat cruise in Queen Elizabeth national park
Safari In Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kazinga boat cruise, adventure

Kazinga channel Boat Cruise

The boat cruise activities on the Kazinga channel usually lasts for 2 hours and it gives visitors the opportunity to see a variety of yawning hippos in water, water birds, buffaloes, elephants, zebras, the Uganda-kobs, topis, water bucks, bush bucks, reed bucks, duiker, mongoose, swamp antelopes, spotted hyena, warthog, forest hog and in difficult routes in the south.

Katwe Crater Lakes

These are situated just north of the impressive Mweya Peninsula and actually are the highest elevation in this national park.  Enjoy the spectacular Crater Drive that runs on 27 km which present distant sights of the stunning crater lakes while on your way.  There is plenty of wildlife to see along the drive, although commonest are sights of Buffaloes plus Elephants. Watch out for Lake Kitagata a lake fed by salty hot-springs with no wildlife around but just more than beautiful can describe.  Along this drive you will be rewarded with sights of the great Western Rift Valley plus its escarpments, Lake George, the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon, the Kazinga Channel plus Lake Edward.

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Kyambura chimpanzee tracking

Chimpanzee Trekking

Queen Elizabeth National Park is among of the most remarkable national parks within Uganda for outstanding Wildlife as well as Bird-life, it also a perfect place to enjoy chimpanzee tracking / trekking activities done within the Kyambura Gorge where there are several habituated Chimpanzees.  The scenery within this gorge is very spectacular and there are several other mammals plus birds to be seen as you start out in the morning on your chimpanzee trekking voyage.