Safari In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Safari In Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kazinga boat cruise, adventure

Safari In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Safari In Queen Elizabeth National Park is an adventure destination for ultimate safari experience with a highest biodiversity of any protected area in East Africa. The tour guide will pick you from the lodge to start the early morning activities to explore the park in the Kasenyi plains searching for predators and grazers on a game drive in safari cars.

Since game viewing involves watching wild animals, queen Elizabeth national park has an abundance of wild animals. Some animals are actually not easy to see so they need to first be tracked down such as lions, chimpanzees, and mongoose in Queen Elizabeth national park;

Lion tracking Safari In Queen Elizabeth National Park.

This is actually a different activity from the normal game drives. It is also known as the scientific experiential lion tracking, because, it is technically a research than a tourist designed activity. It is a special adventure safari activity that needs a researcher aboard and a few other persons. The research is carried out by the Uganda carnivore project to track the behavior of the lions that have radio collars. They use the radiator locators to track these animals. This activity is carried out in the savannah plain of kasenyi especially in the south; ishasha sector for tree climbing lions. Something interesting is that you can also help the researchers to tack the animals. And you can get a closer look at the lions and this is awesome because you are going to “feel the experience”, and you can also take closer and more real picture.

Chimpanzee tracking Safari In Queen Elizabeth National Park.

It is carried out in kyambura gorge also known as the valley of apes. The gorge has a number of habituated chimpanzees; familiar to humans. This makes there tracking easy. The morning hours are favorable for this activity. The chimpanzees are diurnal; they start their day’s routine of looking for food in the morning. They are both boreal and terrestrial; they sleep in the trees and also spent some time during the day up in the trees, they also walk on the ground to look for food like termites and nuts from the tree roots. Chimpanzee tracking will help you learn about the dramatic primates in kyambura gorge. Did you know that chimpanzees have tools used when looking for their food? They crack nuts using stones and also use sticks and twigs to get the termites out of their anthills. It is a thrilling and enjoyable activity: tracking chimpanzees in kyambura gorge, you would not want to miss this activity when you visit Africa.

Mongoose tracking Safari In Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Mongooses are small animals that fall under the rodent group of animals in the park, that is, queen Elizabeth national park. It is just a three hour activity for visitor to Queen Elizabeth national park. It is carried on mweya peninsular overlooking kazinga channel. Mongoose tracking is an adventure safari done on foot with the tour guide leading the walk through the tracks in mweya peninsular. It will help you learn about the mongoose behavior. You will also be able to see birds and warthogs during this activity. This will help you get out of the car and make your legs do some walking as you enjoy mongoose tracking activity in Queen Elizabeth national park.

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