Tour Queen Elizabeth National Park

Tour Queen Elizabeth National Park, crater lakes in Queen Elizabeth national park

Tour Queen Elizabeth National Park

Tour Queen Elizabeth National Park: Queen Elizabeth National Park is Uganda’s most popular safari tours Park and certainly one of its most scenic and most visited wildlife park. Its located just 2 hours from Mbarara Town. It stretches from the crater-dotted foothills of the Rwenzori ranges in the north, along the shores of Lake Edward to the remote Ishasha River in the South, incorporating a wide variety of habitats that range from wetlands to savannah to lowland forest. The lush savannah of Queen Elizabeth National Park offers prime grazing to buffaloes, elephants, various antelopes and and a variety of over 600 bird species.

Birding Tour Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth national park is gazette as an important birding area (IBA) because of the many bird species this area harbors. Queen Elizabeth national park has over 619 bird species; shoe bill stock, king fishers, African fish eagle , flamingos (seasonal), African broad bill, martial eagle, god wit among other interesting birds along kazinga channel and kyambura gorge. Queen Elizabeth national park is a must visit for the birders that visit Africa. The forest vegetation link central Africa (Congo) to east African (Uganda). For this reason you will have a glance at both central and eastern bird species of Africa.

Boat cruise Tour Queen Elizabeth National Park

This is carried out along Kazinga channel during the mid-morning hours and a cruise normally last for not less than 2 hours. During the boat cruise, you are going to get the chance to see the crocodiles along Kazinga channel, bathing Hippos on the shores, the birds and how they play around big mammals like buffaloes and at times Lions. And the birds on the shores of Kazinga channel are interesting to watch all paraded up like a battalion of soldiers ready to be commander for action. A boat cruise will also allow you see Katunguru fishing village and by chance can watch the fisher men and they drop their nets into the water ready to yield fish.

Hiking Tour Queen Elizabeth National Park

Hiking is another activity you can engage in when you visit Queen Elizabeth national park. This is carried out in Maramagambo forest through Kyambura Gorge where you will enjoy the vegetation in the gorge; tall trees of a rainforest and underground forest in Kyambura Gorge harbor a lot of wild animals. You will definitely enjoy the hike when you visit Queen Elizabeth national park.

Nature walks around Mweya peninsular will leave you all feeling happy. Nature walks are interesting; you will see different animals along the tracks like water backs, losers (single male buffaloes), elephants, warthogs, monkeys, mongooses, lizards and monitor lizards.

Cultural Tour Queen Elizabeth National Park

Visiting a cultural cave (Nyanzubiri) will leave you amazed at by the big snakes that come out to get some heat in the afternoon. The cave is also known for the bat; sometimes it is called the bat cave.

Apart from game viewing Queen Elizabeth safari you can also enjoy the cultural encounters in the neighboring communities of the national park. When you interview these people, they can let you know how the national park is so useful to them and how they have benefited from engaging in the nature conservation. You can as well buy some African crafts from the villagers for souvenir from katwe town, kasoga community and katunguru trading center among other towns.

They also do salt mining in Katwe crater lake, the miners can narrate to you how the salt is mined and the dangers they face doing this activity of salt mining. You will also learn about the old Germany salt factory that closed when the pipes good corroded from the chemicals from the salt. ” If metals failed to process the salt, don’t you think that it is interesting to find out how these miners do it?”

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